Meet Newbury 211’s Apparel Designer Gila Lev

Gila Lev was born in Ashdod in 1971. From a very early age she started to design clothes and publish them at fashion shows and fashion stores. In 2005, after years of working in the textile business, she decided to open her own fashion house with her signature collection,  “Gila lev”. The house is located in “La Mimuniya” mall in Ashdod and includes design studio, show room, sewing workshop and a retail store. With 10 collections under her belt, each new collection features a wide range of styles, from dresses, both casual and cocktail, to separates, to evening. Gila derives inspiration from the organic method of draping fabric, sculpting the clothes into existence, and then creating her patterns.

Gila’s collections are spectacular, and have a unique look, intimate, exciting and sophisticated touch with an uncompromising quality of fabrics and exact sewing.

The collection presents femininity, prestige, and a sensuality which puts the woman at the center. The sophisticated design and the attention to the little details allows any woman to get dressed and become a fashion self statement.

Nowadays, Gila’s clothes are being sold at the show room and 50 different fashion boutiques across the country, including 5 branches of the popular Israeli retailer,  factory 54.


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